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Service Plans

Whether you're looking for a bike health check or full professional service, B Bikes has a plan to suit your budget and requirements. Our Cytech qualified mechanics are always available to offer advice or help you choose the right plan. Our Safety Check, Safety+ and SC* plans, are best suited for student, commuter and every day leisure bikes. Our Ultra plans are best suited for high quality amateur sports, competition or semi-pro bikes.   

Safety Check 

This is a MOT for bicycles which includes;

  • Gear cable condition, indexing & alignment inspection.

  • Brake pads and cable inspection.

  • Cassette, free wheel, and chain inspection.

  • Wheel rims and tyres inspected for wear & damage. 

  • Hub, bottom bracket, pedal and headset bearing inspection.

Bike Chain

Safety + 

Safety + service includes all items from Safety check plus;

  • Gear adjustments & lubrication.

  • Brake calliper adjustments.

  • Cassette, free wheel, and chain adjustments & lubrication.

  • Wheel Truing (minor only), tyre pump and pressure check.

  • Hub, bottom bracket, pedal and headset bearing adjustments & lubrication.

Bike Gears

SC2, SC4, SC6 or SC8+

SC2 service includes all of Safety + and any of the following two replacement parts & fitting;

  • Brake pads. (some disc & carbon pads may be excluded)

  • Brake cables.

  • Gear cables

  • Inner tubes.

  • Budget tyre and tube (counts as two items)

Want more items? Choose SC4 (4 items), SC6​ (6 items) or SC8+ (8 items +)




Bike Parts


Ultra Service

Ultra service is best suited for high quality cycles. Ultra service includes;

  • Full strip down and bike rebuild

  • All Safety + items

  • Inspection of all parts and replacement when required (Cost of replacement parts not included)


+ Parts

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